Certification Marks & Logos

Use of Victor Quality Solutions (VQS)s Inspection Mark, Logo & Sticker:

  1. The certification mark shall always be used as given on certificate issued to a client, depicting the Inspection scheme to which the concerned client is certified.
  2. Accredited certification mark containing Accreditation Body’s logo shall never be used by concerned client who has been awarded non accredited inspection services.
  3. The mark may be reproduced in any size provided the aspect ratio and configuration is strictly adhered to, including the surrounding frame.
  4. The mark may be used by concerned client with a statement like “Victor Quality Solutions (VQS) inspection for relevant scheme” only.
  5. Does not use or permit the use of inspection document / any part thereof and statement in misleading manner.
  6. Any statement accompanying the mark / logo should not be misleading, as to imply scope, for which not inspected.
  7. Upon suspension or withdrawal of inspection, for whatever reason, the concerned person shall discontinue use of the inspection mark/sticker immediately.