Hazard Analysis &Critical Control Points (HACCP)

HACCP Codex Alimentarius is an international guideline based on the preventive management of food safety issues and its application is obligatory according to European and international legislation. LeberoAssurance provides certification services of Food Safety Management Systems according to HACCP CODEX ALIMENTARIUS specification

What is HACCP?

HACCP CODEX ALIMENTARIUS is an international specification based on the preventive management of food safety issues it was issued by the Codex Alimentarius Committee and its implementation is mandatory under many legislation. It consists of a group of hygiene based on

  • The analysis and the trace of hazards and
  • The evaluation as to their importance
  • The determination of critical control points
  • The documented control and the verification of the preventive measures

Through the monitoring and the verification of the effectiveness of measures taken a preventive food safety management system is created, which assures compliance with the valid legislation and is a tool for further improvement. Aimed at all companies involved in the supply chain of any size

The Benefits of HACCP:

The benefits for an organization certified according to the HACCP CODEX ALIMENTARIUS include

  • Documented conformity with the relevant national and European legislation
  • Decrease of the deviations and detection of wrong practices
  • Readiness for the management of nutritional crises
  • Strengthening consumers feeling of security for the organization and its products
  • Continuous improvement of the organization’s quality of services and products