ISO 10001- Quality management- ISO 10002- Customer Satisfaction

ISO 10001- Quality management- Customer satisfaction- Guidelines for codes of conduct for organizations. Improve your organization’s customer satisfaction codes of conduct.

What is ISO 10001?

ISO 10001 contains promises made to customer by an organization concerning its behavior. This standard is a proven framework for any organization regardless of its type or size or the products and services it provides including organization that design customer satisfaction codes of conduct for use by other organizations. In order to enhance customer satisfaction. This quality management system establisher customer satisfaction codes of conduct concerning individual customers purchasing or using goods property or services for personal or household purpose.

Why is ISO 10001 important for your business?

ISO 10001 provides guidance for determining customer needs and expectations improving customer communication and reducing customer complaints. It applies to external customers only and can be used by any organization no matter the industry ISO 10001 also includes examples of codes of conduct (Annex A) and provides specific instruction for small business (Annex C)

The benefits of ISO 10001

  • Customer retention
  • Brand Reputation
  • Operational efficiency
  • Improved internal communication and relations
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Flexibility
  • Continual improvements