Measurement Management System

Ensure that measuring equipment and measurement processes are fit for their intended use and achieve product quality objectives and manage the risk of incorrect measurement results

What is ISO 10012?

It specifies quality management requirements of a measurement management system that can be used by an organized performing measurements as part of the overall management system to ensure metrological requirements are met.

It is recommended that the management of all activities related to the subject of measurement in the organization to be planned as a specific and documented process. The man purpose of this process can be to support of products produced by the company.

Why is ISO 10012 important for your business?

An effective measurement management system ensures that measuring equipment and measurement processes are fit to their intended use and important in achieving product quality objectives and managing the risk of incorrect measurement results.

The objective of a measurement management system is to manage the risk so that measuring equipment and measurement processes could not produce incorrect results that are effecting the quality of an organization product. The methods used for the measurement management system range from basic equipment verification to the application of statistical techniques in the measurement process control. Organizations have the responsibility to determine the level of controls needed and to specify the measurement management system requirements to be applied as part of their overall management system. The present International Standard is not intended to add to subtract from or replace any requirements of other standard unless there is a standard agreement.

The benefits of ISO 10012

  • Improve Company and Product Quality. The measurement management system does not allow defective products to be accepted
  • Meet customer requirements and increase customer satisfaction with your products
  • Improve efficiency reduce waste and save money
  • Control of measurement process
  • Improve the consistency of your operations there is no record of any unauthorized measurement