ISO 18788 Management System for Private Security Operations

Demonstrate compliance towards laws and regulations respect for human rights and establishment of professional security operations to better meet the customers and stakeholders needs.

What is ISO 18788? 

Management system for private security operations is an international standard applicable for any type of organization conducting or contracting security operations

The purpose of this international Standard is to improve and demonstrate consistent and predictable security operations maintaining the safety and security of their clients within a framework that aims to ensure respect for human rights national and international laws and fundamental freedoms.

Why certification as per ISO-18788 is important for your business?

The importance of ISO 18788 stands on the organization to detect appropriate legal and regulatory guidelines and also support business functions and the supply chain

This standard is appropriate for any kind of organization involved in conducting or contracting security operations. The ISO 18788 certification helps you to establish implement maintain and improve a Security Operations Management System and at the same time assures that the organization has implemented effective management controls

In addition it demonstrates the organizations commitment to continuously provide qualitative services that meet customers’ needs protect the customers and organizations reputation while adhering to applicable laws and human rights requirements.