ISO 46001-Water Efficiency Management Systems

ISO 46001 certification allows your organization to achieve its relevant policy commitments and take action according to your organizations needs to improve water management by setting goals action plans monitoring benchmarking and review programs according to the requirements of this standard

What is ISO 46001?

Water is a rare commodity in many parts of the world only a fraction of the world’s fresh water is available for irrigation and water supple leaving some parts of the world with access to fresh water others to experiencing drought. The reasons are carious climate charge is one of the main factors. Other key factors include human consumption and the development of high-intensity water methods in production and agriculture

The growing needs of the world’s population for water are inversely proportional to the availability of water. As we cannot produce more than what already exists the only solution is to be more efficient in the use we make ISO 46001 is the only international standard published to help your organization to achieve water savings reduce operating costs. Water efficiency management system reduces the gap between human needs and water availability.

Why ISO 46001 is important for your business?

ISO 46001 through a clear framework and guidance for managing water efficiency provides methods and tools for evaluating and calculating water consumption as well as ways to identify and implement water optimization measures.

Water efficiency management such as quality management environmental management and energy management is a matter of vital interest in promoting sustainable activities industries and ultimately a sustainable environment. ISO 46001 certification helps to identify design and implement measures to achieve water savings through its systematic management.

The benefits of ISO 46001

  • Better management of water use
  • Optimization of water demand
  • Provides a regular review process for possible improvement and adoption of opportunities arising from water efficiency
  • Transparency of the organization for water consumption detailed analyzes create a consumption pattern based on which a more appropriate water use strategy can be drawn
  • Competitive advantage promoting best water management practices

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