ISO 55001 Asset Management System Requirements

Manage the lifecycle of assets more effectively control over daily activities achieve higher return of your assets and reduce the total cost of risk by implementing ISO 55001

What is ISO 55001?

ISO 55001 standard is designed to enable an organization to align and integrate its asset management system with the related management system requirements. This international Standard can be used by any organization. The organization determines to which of its assets this international Standard applies.

A growing concern for managers of leading organization is this optimal use of maximum value creation of the organizations assets whether physical or intangible financial or non-financial is The ISO 55001 international Standard sets out the requirements for establishing. Establishing maintaining and improving an assets management system.

ISO 55001 also balances the aspects related to financial environmental and social costs risk quality of services and performance related to assets in the organization.

Why is ISO 55001 important for your business?

Asset management system is a set of related and interactive elements of an organization that results in the establishment of asset management polices goals and the processes required to achieve them.

The elements of the asset management system are including polices schemes business processes and information system that are integrated to ensure the delivery of asset management activities.